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Wolfman Deluxe Latex Mask


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  • Manufactured by: Rubies

Benicio Del Toro as


*please note --mask is black not brown*

Even a man who is pure in heart, and says his prayers by night,
may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
and the moon is full and bright. 

The tragic legend of Laurence Talbot is told again in the remake of the quintessential werewolf movie, THE WOLFMAN. Oscar winning makeup wizard Rick Baker has revised the classic monster design, paying tribute to the original while updating it with terrifying realism! Rubies Costumes Co.  now bring Baker's version of this iconic character to you with this adult sized, full over-the-head collectible mask! Officially licensed and authorized by Universal Studios, and cast in high quality latex, each WOLFMAN mask is hand finished and painted for the finest possible reproduction. Come under the curse of the WOLFMAN and track down your copy of this nocturnal creature of nigthmare before the moon rises!

  • Includes:  Mask.  Please note:  Mask is Black with grey tones, not brown
  • Check out our site for more fantastic werewolf costumes, props, and accessories!
  • This is an officially licensed The Wolf man™ accessory.

To customize your mask for personal comfort, please review the following instructions:

  • Before you wear your new character mask, we suggest that you try it on for correct fit.
  • If mask shows creases, stuff with tissue paper and very gently warm on low heat with a blow dryer.(important) While mask is warm, straighten out any creases or folds. Leave paper in mask until it is completely cool. (important)
  • If mask is fitting loosely away from eyes, we recommend adding tissue or foam inside of mask to bring eyes as close to eye holes as possible. This will give a more professional look.
  • After wearing, a damp cloth may be used to clean your mask. Using water only, gently wipe down desired areas inside and out. Mask must be completely dry before storing.
  • To store cover your mask with a plastic bag and place it inside its box. Avoid displaying/storing your mask in direct sunlight or excessive heat.
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 06 August, 2009.

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