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About Us


About Us

Memorabilia mine sells a complete line of Licensed movie & television  costumes and are adding to the list each day. Please do request an item if needed.  We also sell original and quality reprints, Original Posters,linen backed Posters Lobby Cards and lobby card sets , original movie Heralds, 8x10 movie star pictures, Original Autographs, Press Books, Movie stills, Movie Art Sheets, movie and advertising animation sheets, Music Sheets, Movie record soundtracks, Exhibition sheets, Movie Programs, movie tickets and many other Miscellaneous movie related items. We have over 10,000 items

We ship world wide and have been the business for 30  years and have supplied such major corporations such as McDonald s. We have set up a number Hollywood theme restaurants and many Home movie theaters.

We sell original and reprint posters that include: Horror Posters, Sci-fi Posters, Classic Posters, Cowboy Posters, Comedy Posters, Leading Men Posters, Icon Posters, Leading Ladies Posters, Musical Posters, Serial Posters, Foreign Films, Silent Screen Posters, Historical Posters, Hollywood Posters, Black Cast Posters, recent reprints, different size quality reprints.

One sheet posters, two sheet posters, three sheet poster, 6 sheet poster and 24 sheet posters. Posters also come in insert poster size, half sheet poster size, rolled poster size, folded posters, linen backed posters. We also sell quality reproduction posters and have thousands to choose from.

We have auctions on E-bay, , at times Yahoo and Amazon, and hopefully  some day Google!!!

We purchase collections, individual posters and movie related memorabilia.

Get costumes for all occasions at  www.memomine.com or our sister site eCostumes2u.com

which has a larger selection of costumes outside the Movie and Television area.

Find your Hollywood treasures at Memorabilia Mine!

Contact us: Sirwgr@memomine.com

Contact us today!  contact@ecostumes2u.com 
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